These are the varieties we have available in our orchard. They are arranged approximately from early in the season to late in the season.

Paula Red

This variety of apple is juicy with a crisp interior. It is medium in size with a red freckled skin. It is a New Brunswick favourite and is a great all around apple.

Ready: Late August to early September

Uses: Baking, eating, everything!

Dudley Winter

A famous old cooking variety! This apple is large in size and has a red stripes on its green-yellow appearance. The skin is firm and very juicy.

Ready: Mid September

Uses: Great for baking, especially apple sauce


A large apple with thick, greenish skin. It is mostly covered with red and carmine stripes. The white flesh is firm, coarse, and crisp. Alexander is one of several hundred apples of Russian origin brought into this country in the early 1800’s.

Ready: Mid September

Uses: Plenty of apple to bake with
Ginger Gold

Ginger Gold

A newcomer to our orchard, the Ginger Gold is a crispy and sweet apple. It is smaller and has a yellowish skin.

Ready: Mid September

Uses: A crisp early eating apple


Lobo is a medium sized tangy and crisp apple with a birght red skin. This is a good all purpose apple. Most customers prefer Lobo before McIntost are ready.

Ready: Mid September

Uses: All purpose excellence


This variety has been the number one favourite eating apple in New Brunswick for 150 years. While sweet, this apple has a bit of a tart taste. Its very juicy and tender with a bright white interior.

Ready: Mid to Late September

Uses: Especially good for eating, but especially good for cooking


One of the most widely grown apple varieties in the world, however this far north it is only just catching on! The skin has orange streaks over yellow and a strong red colour on mature apples. It is an easy eating apple with a punchy sweet flavour.

Ready: Late September

Uses: Everyday eating


Cortland starts life as a hard and tangy apple, and ages to become sweet and juicy. It is larger than a McIntosh and has a striped skin with a very white interior.

Ready: Early October

Uses: Our families favourite to bake with, but excellent for a tangy treat

Honey Crisp

New Brunswicks “newest” variety, it is a juicy apple with a sweet peachy flavour. Honey Crisp bring a new flavour and texture that is exactly as the name says, crisp! It has a striped red and orange appearance.

Ready: Early October

Uses: Not for cooking, but the most popular for eating


An apple with a deep red colour outside and w bright white inside. It is a mix between Red Delicious and McIntosh and is best eaten straight from the tree or used as a lunch box apple as it does not bruise easily.

Ready: Early October

Uses: Eating, cooking


Spartan is a small apple with a uniform dark red skin and pure white interior. It’s juicy and crisp, and a great size for a child’s lunchbox.

Ready: Late September

Uses: A popular lunchbox treat, and good for cooking

Golden Russet

Partly or fully covered with fine smooth russeting, Golden Russet is has a distinct appearance which gives it a special market niche. The interior is firm and cream colored, providing a sweet juicy flavor.

Ready: October harvest, November eating

Uses: Eating for a unique flavour

Bishop Pippin

A tart, winey, sweet flavor which is excellent for cooking and baking. Nicknamed ‘The Christmas apple’ and is ready to eat in late November.

Ready: Picked in October, eaten in December

Uses: Eating, and only gets better with age