What We Offer

The Orchard

  • U-pick: Our orchard has several apple varieties depending on the time of year, and is accessible for strollers, wheelchairs, etc. After you have finished picking, you can return to the outlet to have your apples weighed.
    • Our hours are 10:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Sunday, and prices are posted on Facebook.
    • Plastic bags are available for picking.
    • Animals are not allowed in the u-pick but can be on the general grounds as long as they are on leash and picked up after. 
    • Please be careful with our orchard; the trees are fragile and aren’t meant for climbing, and please be respectful of our crop whether on the tree or ground.
    • Please visit our Good Agricultural Practices page to see how you can help our farm stay safe!
  • The Grounds: Feel free to wander and enjoy the view, the flowers, or the horses. We have various toys and games for all ages as well as the occasional food truck. We ask that you treat it as your own and please be respectful of our home.


The Outlet

  • We-pick: The outlet typically has several varieties of ‘fancy’ grade apples available in 5 or 10lb bags. We also offer discount boxes which are excellent for cooking. Some of our specialty crops, such as pears or plums can also be found in the outlet.
  • Locally produced apple cider, pies, jams, honey, and maple syrup can be found in the outlet thanks to our great producers
  • We also have interesting items such as smoking wood chips and hand carved wooden spoons.
  • Feed apples: Offered in 50lb bags or larger quantities for animal use only, please call Chuck @459   7406 and leave a message with your contact info and indicating how many bags you are looking to order.


Professional photography

  • If you would like to use our farm as a location for photography shoot there is a fee of $40.00 per family per sitting. This service is only available during apple season so please call Wyn at 459   7406 and leave a message indicating desired date and number of people.
  • During apple season, we often have our own photographer available to perform mini-sessions. Keep an eye on our Facebook for more info, they book up quick!



School Trips or Large Groups

  •  School Trips: If you are an elementary school teacher looking to bring their class to the orchard please call Wyn at 459   7406 and leave a message indicating your contact info and class size.
  • Organized groups: If you are a group with additional requirements outside what is described above please contact us via our email form.