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September 15, 2015: Update

Hello all and thank you for patiently waiting. The u-pick will be open on September 17th (Thursday) with Ginger Gold, Dudley, and a few Paula Red. On the weekend the Lobo will be ready as well.  These varieties will be

October 8th Update

UPDATE for Monday: we are down to Spartan and Honey Crisp. We’ll stay open for a couple days during the week to finish off the remaining apples. We are thinking until thursday.   Last weekend was a bit wet but

September 22nd Update

We have been having some great weather, and there is some good news for you Cortland and Honey Crisp fans! Currently in the orchard we have McIntosh and a limited amount of Lobo. Starting on Wednesday the 24th we will

Sept 17-24th: Variety Forecast!

Hello everyone, we are finishing up Paula Red and Ginger Gold in the orchard. This weekend we will be picking Lobo and Macs starting on Friday. These will be $0.80/lb. Good for eating and cooking!   We’ve been asked when

Sept 10-17th: Variety updates

The weather has been great so far for our first week open. It was a light crop of Paula Red and Dudley so they will be finishing up by the end of this week. This weekend we will start picking

Opening Sunday September 7th!

The time has arrived! We will be opening on Sunday September 7th from 10am to 6pm. The variety will be Paula Red, which is an excellent eating apple, for $0.80 per pound. We are hoping that the Dudley, Alexander, and

Oct 4th weekend: Honey Crisp

Hi all, another update to say that we only have Honey Crisp this weekend in the u-pick is it $1.50 per pound. We will have apples available in the outlet as well as tractor rides at 1, 2, 3, and

October 1st-7th: Update on varieties

Just an update to say that the u-pick has limited amounts of Macs and Cortland. The Honey Crisp will be available for u-pick October 4th, but if you can’t wait there are some available in the outlet. We have been having quite

Sept 25 – Oct 2nd 2013: Macs and Cortland

This weekend the orchard will have Macs and Cortland available for u-pick at $0.80/lb. If you are looking for pre-picked apples they can be found in the outlet at 5, 10, and 20lb bags. The outlet also offers Honey, Jam,

Sept 11-18, 2013: Dudley and Ginger Gold

Our supply of Paula Red are quite green, so we are selling them as a cooking apple for $0.50/lb. Unfortunately this will have to do until this weekend, where we will have Dudley and Ginger Gold available. Dudley is an excellent