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Oct 7th update: closed for the season

Our trees are empty! We still have some pre-picked Honey Crisp in the outlet but there is no more u-pick. Thanks everyone for a great season! #everettapples #pickedout #greatseason

Oct 4th Update

We’re reopening Saturday morning at 10am with a cornucopia of fall delights. Honeycrisp are $2.00/lb, Empire and Spartan are $1.00/lb, plus we have pumpkins, squash, 50lb bags of feed apples and lots of jams and baking in the outlet. It’s

Sept 26 2019 Update

This weekend we’ll have McIntosh and Cortland, both at $1.00/lb. Our apple pies are back in stock and we’ve got lots of pumpkins, squash and apple cider. It’s starting to look like fall around here! 

Sept 19 Update

This weekend we’ll be picking Dudley Winter, Lobo, McIntosh and crabapples for $1.00/lb. Pumpkins are available for $6-10 depending on size and we have lots of other farm fresh goodies in the outlet. We’re open from 10am to 6pm every

Opening Sept 12, 2019

The u-pick opens next Thursday, September 12! We’ll be picking Paula Red, Sunrise and Ginger Gold. We will also have hyslop and transcendent crabs and pre picked pears Everything is $1.00/lb (cash only) and we’ll be open every day from

August 25th 2019 update

Summer vacations are coming to an end but that means apple season is just around the corner! We’ll be opening for u-pick in mid-September, stay tuned to our Facebook or Instagram for the exact date!

October 15th 2018: Closed for the season

We’re at the end of another season and are officially closed! Thanks to everyone who made it out to help harvest the crop. We will still have feed apples and bulk sales available but otherwise we will see you in

October 11th update

We’ll be open this weekend as per usual 10 to 6 PM, cash only. We’ll have Macs, Cortland, Honey Crisp, Spartan, and Empire. We are nearing the end of the season so come on out and enjoy the nice weekend

October 4th, 2018 Update

This weekend we will have Mac, Cortland, Empire, Spartan, and Imperial Gala at $1/lb and Honey Crisp at $2/lb. We’ll be open every day 10am to 6pm including Thanksgiving Monday. 

Sept 26, 2018 Update

It is that time of year! We have Macs now and starting Friday will be picking Cortland and Honey Crisp. The HC are $2/lb, everything else is $1/lb and we are cash only. Looks like another great weekend and we