CBC Article October 12

A visit from CBC New Brunswick and Connaught Street School. The article contains a video.



Why spend all day in school when you can be outdoors?

A group of kindergarten and Grade 1 students from Connaught Street School in Fredericton was given the opportunity to drop their books, get on the bus and pick some apples.

Wyn Everett works at Everett Family Orchard, where the children ventured. She said she often receives groups of children at the orchard in the autumn. Not only is it a bonus to the orchard, she said the children learn something.


“We love having the children here. It teaches them that apples grow on trees and not at the grocery store. It helps them to see agriculture at its finest,” said Everett.

Everett is not alone in thinking the orchard has educational value. The students’ teacher Jackie Spin agrees.

“It’s important to kind of get in touch with our local farmers … learn about good nutrition,” said Spin.

The young apple pickers aren’t likely to need apples for a while judging by the size of their hauls and the difficulty missing baby teeth present when eating them.