October 8th Update

UPDATE for Monday: we are down to Spartan and Honey Crisp. We’ll stay open for a couple days during the week to finish off the remaining apples. We are thinking until thursday.


Last weekend was a bit wet but it didn’t stop some of you from coming out! It is supposed to be nicer this weekend, which is great as it will be our last weekend for the u-pick, including Monday. We have a good supply of McIntosh, Spartan, and Empire at $0.80/lb as well as Honey Crisp at $1.50/lb. Unfortunately we are sold out of Cortland.

A couple helpful tips for our last weekend

  • Go to the very end of the row and you’ll find plenty of great apples.
  • You are encourage to bring reusable grocery bags as they hold together well, although beware as they hold a lot!
  • Trees are marked with a signs, ribbon, and flags, see us at the outlet for directions!
  • Just a reminder that we can only accept cash.


A quick cheat sheet for our flags

  • Honey Crips is the pink ribbon and Multi-coloured flag
  • Macs are the orange ribbon and Canadian/US flags
  • Spartan are the Red ribbon and black and white checker flag
  • Empire are the White and Red stripped ribbon and a Nova Scotia flag.