September 22nd Update

We have been having some great weather, and there is some good news for you Cortland and Honey Crisp fans!

Currently in the orchard we have McIntosh and a limited amount of Lobo. Starting on Wednesday the 24th we will start u-picking Cortland ($0.80/lb), and Honey Crisp ($1.50/lb) on the weekend (Saturday the 27th). Please note that we can only accept cash.

Right now in the Outlet we will have Ginger Gold, Dudley, Alexander, Lobo, McIntosh, and a few crab apples. As the week progresses we will bring in Cortland and Honey Crisp as well.

If you are wondering about drops, we are sold out until October 7th, where we will hopefully have some Honey Crisp and Spartan drops.