October 1st-7th: Update on varieties

Just an update to say that the u-pick has limited amounts of¬†Macs and Cortland. The Honey Crisp will be available for u-pick¬†October 4th, but if you can’t wait there are some available in the outlet. We have been having quite a few visitors recently, so if you are looking to get in ahead of the crowds (or behind them) our busy time typically seems to be 12-3 on weekends. See you on the farm!

3 comments on “October 1st-7th: Update on varieties
  1. Jeff Sparkes says:

    I am a leader of the Springhill Cubs group and we were thinking of coming up to pick apples Wed. Oct. 9th. We would also like to take a wagon ride. Will this still be a good apple picking. Enough for the group and families to be able to pick some apples?

    Thank you

  2. Yi says:

    Hi, we live in St. Stephen and would like to go U-pick this coming Thursday or Friday. Would you have any Red/Gold Delicious and HONEY CRISPS left? And how much? Those are the main types my kids would eat. Thanks!

  3. Admin says:

    Hello, we will be closing this Friday due to low crop. There is not much left in the orchard although we do have Honey Crisp available from a bin in the outlet for $1.50/lb.