Month: September 2013

October 1st-7th: Update on varieties

Just an update to say that the u-pick has limited amounts of Macs and Cortland. The Honey Crisp will be available for u-pick October 4th, but if you can’t wait there are some available in the outlet. We have been having quite

Sept 29, 2013: Closed on Sunday

We had an excellent day Saturday because of the nice weather, but as mentioned before there are fewer apples this year due to a cold spring. This means we will be closed Sunday September 29. We are sorry for the

Sept 25 – Oct 2nd 2013: Macs and Cortland

This weekend the orchard will have Macs and Cortland available for u-pick at $0.80/lb. If you are looking for pre-picked apples they can be found in the outlet at 5, 10, and 20lb bags. The outlet also offers Honey, Jam,

September 18-25: Mac’s and some Lobo

This weekend we will have a Macs ($0.80/lb)  as well as a limited number of Lobo ($0.70/lb). The Ginger Gold trees have given a sigh of relief as their load of apples has been trucked away by many upickers; it’s quite surprising

Sept 11-18, 2013: Dudley and Ginger Gold

Our supply of Paula Red are quite green, so we are selling them as a cooking apple for $0.50/lb. Unfortunately this will have to do until this weekend, where we will have Dudley and Ginger Gold available. Dudley is an excellent

September 8th, 2013: U-pick closed for the day

Our opening day had great weather, which resulted in a lot of Paula Red and Sunrise being picked. Unfortunately we have a fairly light crop this year, so that means the Paula Red and Sunrise have been picked clean. The u-pick will

September 3rd, 2013: Opening this Saturday!

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a good summer. I can’t believe it is September already! I know there are a lot of excited people out there that will be happy to know that we are opening Saturday, September 7th.