September 23, 2011: Current varieties

We have certainly had our share of foggy mornings this week. Fortunately the weekend forecast seems to be fairly sunny. The MacIntosh will be ready this week! They are an excellent cooking and eating apple. The Cortland are expected to be ready the first weekend of October, with Honey Crisp and Spartan following shortly behind.

Last weekend was a blast! It was the maiden voyage for our newly built farm wagon and I would say it was a hit. We gathered $100 from the wagon rides on Sunday (Open Farm Day), which we will donate to the Fredericton Food Bank! We will be continuing the rides on Saturday and Sunday at 1,2,3 and 4pm. Each ride is about 15 minutes and costs $2 per person.

I know many of you have been itching for news on the Macs, so we are expecting a busy weekend. Hope to see you around!
The Everetts