August 21: Welcome back for another season!

Hello everyone, hope the summer has been good to you so far!  It is hard to believe that September is approaching so quickly. There has certainly been our fair share of rain, which seems to have pushed the apple season back by a week. This means that we will be opening for our regular hours starting September 10th. Until then, just give us a call to see when we are around!

Currently we have an early variety called Yellow Transparent. Melba, Jersey Mac, and Alexander will be coming up shortly.  These would all be an excellent apple for fresh apple sauce!

We are looking forward to the fall season, as we have a couple new varieties called “Sunrise” and “Ginger Gold”, although they won’t be around until early/mid September. If you were a fan of the little red wagon, which has no doubt gone many laps around the farm, we have picked up a couple more to help cart kids and apples around. We look forward to seeing you this season!

The Everetts