September 3: Earl don’t eat our apples!

Hurricane Earl seems to be approaching just in time for the weekend. I’m certainly not looking forward to the wind, but the orchard sure can use the rain. The warm days have been great for the colour of the apples, but they also need cool nights and some rain to help with their size!

The Paula Red are still hanging on, although the amount on the ground would shock you. I am a big fan of apple sauce, and if you are too then you’ll be excited to know that the Dudley Winters are ready! Of course, they are excellent for any type of cooking. We planted a new crop of trees a couple years ago which are growing Ginger Gold. The use of these will certainly be a bit of an experiment since they are new to us (and perhaps you too).

We are predicting that the Lobo will be ready next weekend with the McIntosh following shortly behind. If you are looking for some fresh apples for the upcoming school week, be sure to bring your rain gear! We Look forward to seeing you!