Year: 2010

October 12: It’s Over!

The U-pick is officially closed! The wind and the pickers decended on our orchard and cleaned us out! We still have some apples left in our outlet such as Spartan and Honey Crisp. Just give us a call before you stop

October 7: Last weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving! This weekend has come quickly, maybe too quickly for some, as it is our last for u-picking! We will be open 10:00am-6:00pm Saturday and Sunday, and 10:00am-5:00pm Monday. Please note that we are only apple to accept cash.

October 1: This weeks varieties

Strange weather we have been having! You wouldn’t know it’s October by the 20 degree days and nights! Fall is certainly here, as the view of the changing trees is excellent. Lots of rain predicted for Friday and Saturday, so bring

September 24 2010: Macs and Cortland available

Sorry for the late update! I know a lot of you are chomping at the bit for news on the Cortland and Honey Crisp. In that regard, I have good news and bad news. McIntosh and Cortland are available in

Daily Gleaner Article: Open Farm Day

An excellent article about open farm day and its importance. Originally published Monday September 20, 2010 for the Daily Gleaner Section A4, by Alexandra Davis.

September 19: Macs and Dudley only now

Just a little update, we’ve run out of Lobos in the orchard. Still plenty of Macs and Dudley though! In the outlet we have Lobo, Macs, Dudley, Crabs, and Gravenstein. Happy Open Farm day!

September 16: Dudley, Lobo, and Mac

There has been excellent fall weather with cool nights and warm days. It has been nice to see some rain as well! Overall the days seem to be going by quite quickly. Not sure where September went, but October is

September 12: Lobo update

Fall is here! It certainly came quite suddenly, but I think I’ve had my fill of hot weather for the year. The Paula Red are done. Unfortunately we are in somewhat of a pickle as the Lobos aren’t quite ready

September 5: Paula Red Update

Earl came and went without too much fuss. There were more apples on the ground from the heat streak than from the wind and rain! The Paula Red are getting pretty low in the orchard. Luckily, we have some nice

September 3: Earl don’t eat our apples!

Hurricane Earl seems to be approaching just in time for the weekend. I’m certainly not looking forward to the wind, but the orchard sure can use the rain. The warm days have been great for the colour of the apples,