Sept 20, 2018 update

This weekend we will have Macs, Regal Gala, Lobo, and Ginger Gold. Everything is $1/lb, cash only, and we are open 10 to 6 every day!

Sept 13, 2018 Update

This weekend we will have Ginger Gold, Lobo, and Dudley. There will be limited amounts of zee star, gravenstein, and crab apples as well.

We are open every day 10 to 6 and everything is $1/lb, cash only. Our outlet has a selection of jams, pies, as well as apple wood smoking chips.

Update: Opening Early, Sunday September 9th 2018

Because of the warm weather, we will be opening a bit earlier: Sunday September 9th! Our first crop of apples will be Sunrise, Ginger Gold, and Paula Red. We will also have crab apples and pre picked pears. 

Everything is cash only at $1/lb and our hours are 10am until 6pm. Here’s to a great season!

Opening September 12th, 2018

Just a quick update to let everyone know we will be opening on September 12th, 2018. It’s looking like a great crop year and we hope to see you in a couple weeks!

Oct 10 2017 – Closed for the season

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend with apples just flying off the hill. Thanks to some persistent pickers the upick is officially sold out. Thanks for a great 2017 season!

October 4, 2017 – Update

This weekend we will have Empire and Spartan available at $1/lb, cash only. There is still some Macs, Cortland, and Honey Crisp leftover from last week but supplies are low.

We will be open everyday 10 until 6pm, including Thanksgiving Monday. Seems crazy but we are coming to the end of our season so we will keep you informed beyond that!

September 28, 2017 update

This weekend we will have Macs, Cortland, and limited amount of Honey Crisp (they are just starting so some aren’t quite red enough!). The HC are $2/lb, everything else is $1/lb and we are cash only. Looks like another great weekend and we look forward to seeing everyone!

September 20, 2017 – Update

We have been lucky with the weather so far this year and it looks set to continue!


This weekend we will have Ginger Gold, Macs, and Gala available in the orchard. There will also be limited Alexander and crab apples available. Everything is $1.00/lb and we are cash only. Look forward to seeing everyone!

August 15 2017 Update

Well we are gearing up for another year. Just a quick note to indicate that we will be open mid September 2017. The hot dry weather is pushing the apples along. I’ll be sure to update with more details as that time gets closer!

October 25th 2016 Update

Well it was an extended season due to our large crop but our u-pick is finally closed! Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy the apples and the view; it was definitely a great season. If you haven’t had your apple fix then our outlet is still open with Honey Crisp, Spartan, Empire, Ambrosia, and Cortland. We also have a lot of feed apples available (50lb bag for $10) by calling or texting Chuck at 474-3301.


Thanks again everyone and please check back as we will be updating the website and Facebook every once and a while to give you a sneak peek as to how our orchard works in the off season.