Welcome to the 2016 season!

Hope everyone has enjoyed their summer. Just a quick update to let you know that we are planning to open mid September. We will know more as the month goes on so please be sure to check back and follow us on Facebook.

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October 23: upick closed but bin available!

hello all, we’ve gone through the orchard and have several bin of pre-picked Cortland, Spartan, and Empire available in the outlet for $0.75/lb. These are great looking apples and will be your last chance to stock up on some local apples for winter!

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October 7th: Update

We will be open this weekend normal hours (10am-6pm), including Thanksgiving Monday until mid next week, depending on availability of apples. This will most likely be our last weekend open though so hurry out!

Right now in the orchard we have Mac and Cortland @ $1/lb and Honey Crisp @ $1.50/lb. Spartan will be ready on Saturday @ $1/lb.

The outlet will have all of the above plus pies and other edibles and please note that we are cash only. See you this weekend!

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September 29, 2015: Update

Right now in the orchard we are down to Macintosh ($1/lb) and this week we will start picking Cortland ($1/lb) on Wednesday September 30th 2015, and Honey Crisp ($1.50/lb) on Saturday October 3rd 2015. It is a small crop this year so the Cortland will not last long. It’s looking like it may be a wet week at the moment so it may be time to break out the rubber boots!

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September 22, 2015: Update for this week

Our first weekend went great even with a wet Open Farm Day. We have a smaller crop but that usually means the apples are a bit bigger with good colour. This coming week the outlet will have pre-picked Sunrise (eating), Lobo ( eating and cooking) Ginger gold (yellow eating) and Dudley Winter (cooking, great for sauce). In the u-pick there will be Ginger Gold, Lobo, and Dudley Winter during the week with Macs coming along on the week end. Everything is $1/lb and please note that we can only accept cash.
As for looking forward, we are thinking the Cortland and Honey Crisp will be available the next weekend (the start of October) but be sure to check back as the weather can easily change when apples are ready.

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September 15, 2015: Update

Hello all and thank you for patiently waiting. The u-pick will be open on September 17th (Thursday) with Ginger Gold, Dudley, and a few Paula Red. On the weekend the Lobo will be ready as well.  These varieties will be $1/lb and please note that we can only accept cash.

We will be opening the outlet today (September 15th) with a couple of our smaller crops as the warm weather ripened them early. We will have Sunrise, Puala Red, Dudley, and pears in the outlet for pick-up.

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Open Farm Day, September 20th 2015

On September 20th we will be participating in Open Farm Day 2015. Farms across New Brunswick will be opening their doors so you can learn more about your local farms and food. This is a great program and an awesome way to spend the day, so get out there and see what they are all about!

You can find the  list of participating farms here: http://www.fermenbfarm.ca/

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Opening September 17th, 2015

Welcome back for a new season everyone! Just a quick update to let everyone know we plan on opening September 17th this year. Usually we open earlier but the beating the trees took last year have set them back a bit. I will be sure to update with varieties and pricing as we get closer to the 17th. We will also hold off on booking tours and school trips until we are into September. See you all then!



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October 15th: Closed for 2014!

Well we finally ran out of apples! It was a great season and I would like to thank everyone for coming up to pick and enjoy the view. We had some great weather and an awesome year overall.


On that note, if you enjoy Bishop Pippin or Russet apples please give us a call at 453-5315 and make an appointment. We will be picking these and keeping them in our storage. Thanks again for a great year!

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October 8th Update

UPDATE for Monday: we are down to Spartan and Honey Crisp. We’ll stay open for a couple days during the week to finish off the remaining apples. We are thinking until thursday.


Last weekend was a bit wet but it didn’t stop some of you from coming out! It is supposed to be nicer this weekend, which is great as it will be our last weekend for the u-pick, including Monday. We have a good supply of McIntosh, Spartan, and Empire at $0.80/lb as well as Honey Crisp at $1.50/lb. Unfortunately we are sold out of Cortland.

A couple helpful tips for our last weekend

  • Go to the very end of the row and you’ll find plenty of great apples.
  • You are encourage to bring reusable grocery bags as they hold together well, although beware as they hold a lot!
  • Trees are marked with a signs, ribbon, and flags, see us at the outlet for directions!
  • Just a reminder that we can only accept cash.


A quick cheat sheet for our flags

  • Honey Crips is the pink ribbon and Multi-coloured flag
  • Macs are the orange ribbon and Canadian/US flags
  • Spartan are the Red ribbon and black and white checker flag
  • Empire are the White and Red stripped ribbon and a Nova Scotia flag.
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