Sept 11-18, 2013: Dudley and Ginger Gold

Our supply of Paula Red are quite green, so we are selling them as a cooking apple for $0.50/lb. Unfortunately this will have to do until this weekend, where we will have Dudley and Ginger Gold available. Dudley is an excellent cooker (good for apple sauce) and Ginger Gold is great for eating.

Looking forward, we are thinking Lobo and Macintosh about the 3rd week of September, Cortland the end of September, and Honey Crisp and Spartan early October.  Of course, this can change with the weather, so please watch us on here on the website as well as on Facebook. Just a reminder that we can only accept cash!

I’ll also take a moment to mention the tractor tides on weekends at 1,2,3 and possibly 4 oclock. It is $2 per person or $6 for a family. The outlet offers pre-picked apples and occasionally pears, as well as pies, honey, jam, and maple syrup from local folks!

Jam, Honey, and Maple Syrup!

Jam, Honey, and Maple Syrup!

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