Update for Fall 2013

Hello everyone, I hope it has been a good summer all around.  The apples are busily growing to a lovely harvestable size and gaining that beautiful bright red colouring … Or gold, in the case of the Ginger Gold variety – yum! We’ve had a few inquiries as to when we might open for the season, and for now all we can say is that we will keep you posted. Typically it is near the beginning of September, but the weather is a big factor, so be sure to check back here or on Facebook as September approaches!   Thanks!
The Everett Family

4 Comments on “Update for Fall 2013

  1. Hi………..Please let me know when my
    favourite apple is ready, the ”Melba”

  2. Hi, my children (toddlers) are looking forward to picking a few apples.
    Would you be able to email us when you are up and running with your famous childrens hay rides, and picking? Or will that info be available on Facebook, your site?
    Will it also have times, costs, and/or do you have to have a minimum number of children in order to schedule such an event?
    Thank you much, we are very excitted.
    Hilary Ray

  3. Hi Wilson, the Melba are ready now. Please give us a call before coming up to ensure we are available!