August 21, 2012: Welcome back!

Hello everyone! Just a quick update, we are thinking of opening on the September 8th weekend with Paula Red. This is an excellent early apple which is very similar to a McIntosh, and good for eating or baking. Check out our Varieties Page to see when your favourite will be ready!

I hope the past year has been good to you. It has been good to us, although there has been some interesting weather. Spring seemed to come early (March!) and we were afraid that the bloom would be damaged by the return to cold temperatures. Luckily we made it through, and other than a bit of dry weather the apples are looking very nice! The view of the river is a bit drier than usual (the islands are more of a peninsula for the moment) but the recent weather is working to change that.

Stay tuned, and I’ll keep everyone updated as ‘apple time’ approaches!

Lee Everett

2 Comments on “August 21, 2012: Welcome back!

  1. good day! am remembering last year the wonderful day we had when we brought the afterschool children apple picking at your orchard- delicious apples, great wagon ride and such a beautiful orchard with a fantastic view. Am hoping we can book again- the date most interested in is Wed Sept 26 rain or shine (possibly 70 kids Kindergarten to Grade 5) (3 groups so we could alternate/ rotate) We are hoping to pick apples one week and use Odell Lodge the next week to bake apple dishes, make applesauce/ do apple crafts etc… Hopefully we can work something out- Thank you Louise afterschool coordinator at the YMCA phone # 461-1521 leaving message Sept 3rd