October 7: Last weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving! This weekend has come quickly, maybe too quickly for some, as it is our last for u-picking! We will be open 10:00am-6:00pm Saturday and Sunday, and 10:00am-5:00pm Monday. Please note that we are only apple to accept cash.

We will be picking Honey Crisp and Spartan in the orchard. I know I got a lot of questions asking “when will the Honey Crisp be ready?” and “what are those bright red apples you first see while coming up the hill?”. Well, the Honey Crisp are ready now, and those bright red apples are Spartan, so this is the prime weekend!

We had a lot of questions asking if the Honey Crisp were good for cooking. There are some recipes out there on the internet, but ensure they call for less sugar and longer baking times! The Spartans can be used for cooking, but are a bit small, so I like to think of them as an excellent lunchbox apple.

After this weekend the u-pick will be “as long as supplies last” so give us a call. After that, we will have apples in storage, such as Bishop Pippin and Golden Russet. Again, be sure to give us a call before driving up! Hope to see you this weekend!