September 5: Paula Red Update

Earl came and went without too much fuss. There were more apples on the ground from the heat streak than from the wind and rain!

The Paula Red are getting pretty low in the orchard. Luckily, we have some nice red ones left in the outlet. Still plenty of Dudley Winters, which are great for cooking! Next weekend we hope to have Lobo, which will be our next good eating apple.

4 Comments on “September 5: Paula Red Update

  1. When will the Honey Crisp be ready to pick? they are sooo tasty ,just cannot wait. Also looking for courtlands….

    We have had some of the Paula Reds and they are also very tasty !!!

  2. We are hoping for the McIntosh to be ready in 2 or more weeks. The Honey Crisp should be 4 or more. I will be sure to update the website as well as facebook when they are ready!

  3. The Paula Reds sure did not disappoint , They are Very Tasty and we are really enjoying them,we are waiting as we want to try the Lobo’s next,Keep up the good work and enjoy your weekend.